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PT Taharica, also known as Taharica Group, is an industrial trading and engineering solution provider that was founded on June 15, 1998.

Various principals from Europe, America, China and Japan have entrusted us with their distribution rights. This is due to our commitment to providing quality service and products to our customers.

Because of that, our customers from various industries have requested assistance from PT Taharica in resolving issues that have arisen in various industry applications. This is further cementing PT Taharica’s reputation as a trustworthy partner, in keeping with our company motto, “Your Industrial Solution”

Air Pollution

Our Solution

Providing services in the field of engineering is an activity that we carry out, starting from making monitoring activities, testing activities, as well as consulting in the engineering department. starting from the scope of testing bridges, port, dams, buildings, and mines.


Taharica is a solution for those of you who need engineering services for system telemetri and integration buildings, bridges, docks and others.


Taharica provides testing services on Bridges, Dams. Ports, Mines, Civil Buildings and much more.


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