Taharica Indonesia – A building structure audit is an evaluation method to determine the strength of the building structure, several things that affect the condition of the building structure including due to age which makes the strength of the building structure weaken, the strength of the steel reinforcement experiences rust which weakens the containment and the building experiences deformation or cracking. Building structure audit services should be tried when experiencing changes or indicated deviations and damage to the building structure so that it is feared that it could endanger the safety of the building and the surrounding area.

Structural audit testing on buildings is very important because the building is one of the public facilities that is often used by the community in carrying out productivity, in order to avoid unwanted events for that a building must be guaranteed its safety and strength. There is also a change in the structure of the building, which means that there is a shrinkage of the foundation, cracks or cracks in one part of the building, natural disasters, fires or it can also be due to the accumulation and reduction of parts of the building.


Structural Destruction Identification
Audit is the best method to carry out the identification of damage to each building structure evenly. So that when there are signs of destruction, repairs can be tried quickly. Here are some of the benefits of a structural audit on buildings:

  1. Cost Efficiency
    By making repairs as early as possible, the risk of major damage can be avoided, this of course makes expenses or building operational costs more efficient.
  2. Professional Damage and Deviation Assessment
    Every structural audit must be carried out by experts in their fields, so that any indications of damage and irregularities can be identified validly.

To find out the condition of the structure in the building, a building structure audit service is needed, this service is usually carried out if the building experiences disturbance or damage that can endanger the building structure. Taharica Indonesia has solutions in building structure audit services such as UPV & Pundit Test, Rebar Scan, Hammer Test, Coredrill, & Building Crack Test, We have experienced engineers in auditing building structures.