Loading test is a test that aims to determine the maximum load capability of a structure, besides that this load test is also to ensure the safety of a structure. Loading test or also called load test can be applied in various construction structures such as bridges, tunnels, and buildings.

This test already has a valid legal basis, namely Ministerial Regulation of Public Works and Public Housing No. 41 of 2015 concerning the Implementation of Bridge and Road Tunnel Safety, especially on bridges, if the bridge has completed the construction phase, before operation it must be certified through checking by the KKJTJ team, one of which is through a load test. Loading tests are not only carried out at the completion of bridge construction, but also need to be carried out regularly every five years.

Methods Applied In Loading Test

The loading test method is divided into two, namely the static loading test test and the dynamic loading test test, the following is an explanation of the two methods.

Loading Test Static

This test uses objects that are stationary, do not change direction, intensity or line of work. An example of implementing a static loading test on a bridge is to use many trucks, each of which has a weight of approximately 40 tons. The trucks are aligned along the bridge. Then it will be measured and analyzed how much influence it has on the bridge.

loading test

Testing loading test static kukar bridge
Loading Test Dynamic

Load testing uses a moving load. For example, on a bridge, test the load using a loaded truck and then run it through the prepared wooden beams. When the truck passes through the block the wheels will hit or hit the asphalt. This collision will be analyzed using a special loading test tool.

loading test dynamic


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