Along with the times, the need for each building / dwelling increases every year, not only the need to own a building / building, but the technology owned by the building is a must. This is related to the problem of the cost of managing a building.

For example, currently a building must have a monitoring & control system that can regulate energy efficiency. Building Automation System is a monitoring & control solution for a building, there are several things inside the building that can be monitored and controlled including:

  • Air – Conditioning
  • 3 Phase Induction Motor
  • Water – HVAC Chiller
  • Water Coller
  • Colling Water Pump
  • lighting
  • Escalator
  • Water heater
  • AHU, usually requires an automated operating system to make work easier.

The Building Automation System is equipped with software & hardware which is currently web-based and even an application that can be controlled via a Desktop/Mobile PC. Taharica Indonesia as a company engaged in monitoring & control systems has a solution in the Building Automation System, for more information please

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