Lidar Survey Services – LiDAR or Light Detection and Ranging is a tool used to perform mapping or mapping on the surface and below the ground surface. For the workings of this tool, the sensor contained in the tool will emit laser light to the target on the surface, the emitted laser light will be reflected back to the sensor. The work combination of laser sensor components can provide data to determine the distance from the sensor to the object.

With a high level of vertical accuracy. Our applications for land mapping also vary, ranging from topography with a wide area coverage, hydrology, telecommunications, transportation, industry, construction and other purposes. The drones that we use are also equipped with the latest 3d laser scanner technology that can provide fast and accurate data for your project.

LiDAR Survey Application

Here are some examples of LiDAR applications:

  • Mining site
  • Oil and Gas
  • Civil Engineering
  • Corridor monitoring
  • Real estate
  • Archeology
  • Agriculture
  • Historical site search
  • Urban planning
  • And other tests

Why is there a need for a LiDAR survey?

  • By using 3d laser scanning, it is very easy to carry out surface density measurements as well as more detailed detection results. It is very useful for agriculture, land management and forestry industries.
  • With the laser’s high level of accuracy, you can measure distant objects by placing them within cm.
  • The data generated from LiDAR also creates precise 3D models with accurate information, which is not possible using traditional methods.
  • LiDAR is also 30x faster in conducting surveys and displaying survey results, of course this will save time and cost in your project.

Why Choose Us?

We provide the best solution with the process of data collection and analysis with the help of professionals in conducting the survey and mapping process in agricultural, infrastructure, manufacturing areas to make better decisions. We also offer the best prices by providing the best and wholehearted service for the convenience of our customers.

We, Taharica Group provides LiDAR Survey Services with the help of expert engineers who are experienced in their fields. In addition, we are also equipped with adequate equipment. For information on ordering this service.