Water Level Station

What is a Water Level Station?

Water Level Station is a device used to measure the water level in a certain location such as a river, lake or sea. This products usually consists of several components, such as pressure sensors, filling pumps, signal processing devices, and data communications.

The pressure sensor on the Water Level Station is used to measure the water pressure on the water surface. This water pressure is then converted to water level using mathematical calculations. The signal processing device then processes this data and sends the information to a monitoring station or server for processing and analysis.

Water Level Station is usually installed in a strategic location such as on the banks of a river or in wide waters. Water level information generated from the Water Level Station is very important for use in flood monitoring, navigation, water control, and other activities related to water.

In flood applications, water level data obtained from the Water Level Station can help to predict the potential for flooding and take appropriate preventive or countermeasures. In navigation, water level data can help ships to navigate a safe path and avoid danger. Meanwhile, in water control, water level data can be used to control the volume of water flowing through a canal or dam.

What are the Features?

Existing features depend on the type of the products, each type has different features. Overall, the features on the device have:

  1. Built-in LCD confirms proper setup and operation
  2. Wireless data offload to mobile devices or Windows computers via Bluetooth
  3. Integrated barometric pressure sensor enables direct water level readout
  4. Use HOBOconnect for setup, data viewing, and data sharing
  5. Durable ceramic sensor.
  6. Easy access to sensor for cleaning and shedding air bubbles
  7. Available in stainless and titanium versions
  8. No-vent-tube design for easy reliable deployment
  9. Alarm notifications via text, email
  10. Configurable from your mobile device,
  11. etc.

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