Hot Temperature

Hot Temperature Phenomena in Indonesia

According to the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency or BMKG, hot temperatures are indeed occurring in Asian countries caused by heatwaves, such as Laos, China, India, Thailand and Myanmar. It was reported that the temperature that occurred in these countries was more than 40°C.

Then is it true that the hot temperatures in Indonesia are caused by heatwaves?

Reporting from the BMKG’s website and informed by BMKG via upload on Instagram social media @infobmkg (Saturday, 04/22/2023), the cause of hot temperatures in Indonesia is due to the phenomenon of apparent sun motion which usually occurs every year and the potential for these hot temperatures to repeat in the same period every year.

5 Causes of Hot Temperatures in Indonesia

  1. Unusual dynamics of the atmosphere in almost all parts of Asia, including Indonesia
  2. The apparent daily movement of the sun adds to the heat spike from before
  3. Global warming and climate change are not only happening in Indonesia but also in other countries
  4. Indonesia is entering the dry season
  5. The maximum intensity of solar radiation in clear weather conditions and lack of cloud cover.

that is the reason why hot temperatures have occurred in Indonesia lately.

Weather Station

Weather Station by Taharica Group
Weather Station by Taharica Group

A weather station is a facility equipped with various instruments and sensors to measure and record weather-related data such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind speed and direction, rainfall, and other atmospheric conditions. This data is used to make weather forecasts, as well as to track and analyze long-term weather patterns.

Weather stations can be located on the ground, on buoys in the ocean, on aircraft, or even in space. They can be automated or manually operated, and can be part of a larger network of weather monitoring stations that share data with one another in real time. Some weather stations are also equipped with cameras to provide real-time visual data of current weather conditions.

Therefore, Taharica Group offers a weather station tool to be able to find out the latest temperature so that people can prevent the effects of hot temperatures on the skin by using sunscreen.

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